Or Hachaim

Chamisha Chumshei Torah – "Ohr HaChayim" by Rabbenu Chaim ben Atar tzk"l

For the first time, a thorough, comprehensive commentary on the teachings of Rabbenu Chaim ben Atar was compiled. The commentary is comprised of two sections: The Me'orei Ohr commentary – explaining the literal meaning of his words clearly and briefly, and the Me'orei HaChayim commentary – a collection of the sources for his teachings, comparisons to his other books, and various insights and remarks explaining the deeper meaning of his ideas. read more

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    מאת רבינו הקדוש אור עולם 

    רבי חיים בן עטר זי"ע

    מוגה ומתוקן ע"פ דפוס ראשון 

    מהדורה מפוארת ומדוייקת 

    בתוספת פסוקי המקרא

    ומראי מקומות

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