Talmud Yerushalmi

The Talmud Yerushalmi, 'Toras Erets Israel,' has always stood in the imposing shadow of its younger brother, the Talmud Bavli. While the Bavli has become public property, the beis medrash in which halacha was determined and 'milchamta shel Torah' - the 'war' of Torah learning - was waged, the Yerushalmi remained aloof and unvisited, like an unkempt secret garden. Only very few great talmidei chachamim tended it, drawing from it splendid gems. The Rayvad in his corrections to the Rambam (hilchos kriyas shma, 3.6) testified that 'the Rov is wont to rely on the Yerushalmi', alluding to the Rambam's use of the Yerushalmi to decide many unresolved problems in the Bavli. Similarly, other geonim, rishonim and achronim learned much from the Yerushalmi. Nevertheless, the Yerushalmi was generally neglected by the majority of learners, and this eventually meant that the difficulties in understanding the Yerushalmi proliferated and overcame the will to learn it, thus finally diminishing its influence. read more

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    תלמוד ירושלמי "עוז והדר" הוגה ונערך מחדש על יסוד כתבי יד ודפוסים ישנים, כולל כל המפרשים שנדפסו בצדיו במהדורות הישנות, כשאף הם הוגהו בתכלית הדיוק, בתוספת מראי מקומות וציונים, הדגשת דיבור המתחיל, ושילוב סימני פיסוק. והכל בעימוד נאה ומרחיב את הדעת ברוב פאר והדר. read more

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