Otzar HaNisu’in Published by Oz VeHodor

A unique work containing thousands of essays by various gedolim on all subjects pertaining to marriage

Oz VeHadar presents a new masterpiece, "Otzar HaNisu'in": a monumental compilation of various essays and views by gedolim of all generations on marriage, engagement, preparing for the wedding day, the Shabbos Aufruf, sheva brachos, and all subjects pertaining to weddings and marriage.

Chassanim preparing for their marriage, as well as mechutanim facing the marriage of their children, will be thrilled to expand their horizons, discover the enlightening perspectives of gedolei Yisrael of past generations, and receive the tools to adequately prepare for life's most emotional moments in fulfilling ratzon Shamayim, utilizing this precious, short period of time in the fullest way possible.

For all too long, despite the wealth of available Torah literature, there has been a gaping lack of a practical sefer offering the reader a quality compilation of carefully selected essays on the greatness and exaltedness of the wedding day, and of marriage in general. A select team of noted talmidei chachamim working for the – Oz VeHadar, presided by the gaon hatzaddik Rabi Yehoshua Leiffer shlit"a, av beis din of the Be'er Moshe community in Monsey, set to work, and after tremendous effort and reviewing hundreds of sefarim, produced a comprehensive compilation of hand-picked essays by gedolei hadoros zy"a for the sake of the reader.

The entire compilation work was performed under the guidance of the gaon Rav Menachem Mendel Pomerantz shlit"a, reish mesivta of Oz Vehadar. The book is divided into separate sections, with chapters dedicated to each separate topic – from engagement, tena'im, Shabbos Aufruf, preparing for the wedding day, the actual wedding day, the power of the chosson to request and facilitate yeshu'os, marriage, the wedding seudah, the mitzvah tantz, dancing as a mitzvah, bringing joy to the chosson and kallah, the days of the sheva brachos, the Shabbos Sheva Brachos, the period after the wedding day, and more.

Tremendous effort and thought were invested in the editing and preparation of each category and sub-category, with topics organized in a manner that will enable the reader to quickly find each specific subject and immediately delve into the sweetness of our gedolim's words without needing to search and fumble. A special section was dedicated to Chassidus gems and the teachings of the Ohr Shivas Hayamim – the Baal Shem Tov zy"a. At the end of the sefer, an additional section titled "Maasei Nisu'in" presents unique facts and stories about the holy ways of tzaddikim and ovdei Hashem as they stood before these days of simchah in their homes.

Above all, this is an extremely practical sefer, conveniently small and easy to carry around, following the famous style of the Otzar HaMo'adim set. A pocket-sized, hard-cover sefer, it is specifically geared for chassanim and mechutanim to carry around with them wherever they go so that they can use the short period of time before them to prepare for the big day ahead.

This is, no doubt, a unique masterpiece and a must for every chosson or mechutan who is a "mevakesh" and wishes to prepare himself properly. The sefer also serves as a bottomless resource for drashos and sichos on all subjects pertaining to marriage. It serves as an especially appropriate gift for the young chosson from his parents, or for the guests at the wedding, the Shabbos Aufruf, or sheva brachos.