Ben Yud-Gimmel l’Mitzvos

The Torah world excitedly welcomes news of the wondrous new work, Ben Yud-Gimmel l’Mitzvos – a comprehensive sefer compiling everything related to the day of the bar-mitzvah and to the mitzvah of tefillin

For too long, we have been feeling a dearth of good works geared for bar-mitzvah boys, assembling and concentrating the various topics related to the uniqueness, value, and other aspects of this special day. So many people have been searching for a concise compilation that will discuss topics such as special hanhagos for this elevated day and offer guidance for a boy’s first steps into Jewish adulthood and new obligation in mitzvos – especially that of tefillin.

In truth, not only bar-mitzvah-aged boys have been searching. They were joined by countless talmidei chachamim who wished to delve deeper into the meaning of this special day and its mitzvos, all within one comprehensive and easily-perused work. How important and thrilling, then, is this day of joy for Torah-seekers, bar-mitzvah chossons, and other individuals studying the halachos of tefillin, now that this beautiful, all-encompassing sefer is finally seeing light through the concentrated efforts of the Torah Empire of Oz Vehadar’s team of talmidei chachamim and professionals.

Oz Vehadar is led by the gaon hatzaddik Rav Yehoshua Leifer shlit”a, av beis din of the Be’er Moshe community in Monsey. Working under his guidance, a team of illustrious talmidei chachamim toiled over every component of the sefer, collecting the very best of our gedolim’s teachings from generations past and present, picked out from hundreds of sefarim, and organizing them together to produce a work that is truly all-encompassing, delightful, and astoundingly clear.

Ben Yud-Gimmel l’Mitzvos serves as an “encyclopedia” of all topics related to the bar-mitzvah boy, the bar-mitzvah day, and the mitzvah of tefillin. One can find halachic rulings and special minhagim; fascinating discussions by our gedolim about boys who came of age on specific dates; a scholarly expounding on the opinions of the Rishonim and Acharonim regarding the gedarim of mitzvos tefillin and their halachos; an abbreviated listing of the six-hundred-and-thirteen mitzvos for quick review and study; and even a special section titled Otzros Machashavah u’Mussar, containing a compilation of teachings by previous gedolim, sifrei mussar, drush, and chassidus. All these are accompanied by a collection of teachings on the forty-eight kinyanim of the Torah, stories of tzaddikim, and more – all to enable the readers to truly find everything that they search for about the bar mitzvah and its mitzvos in one wondrous, all-inclusive work of art.

One of the unique sections in the sefer is entitled Likutei Abir Yaakov, containing a precious treasury of teachings by the holy Rabbi Yaakov Abichatzira zy”a. This section was edited for clarity by noted talmidei chachamim who are also members of the Ohr LaYesharim Institute, headed by the gaon Rav Shlomo Abuchatzira shlit”a, son of the gaon hakadosh Rav Dovid Chai Abuchatzira shlit”a. It is in their beit midrash that the compilations were deliberated and organized by some of the greatest talmidei chachamim in the beit midrash

The entire editing process was closely guided by the gaon Rav Menachem Mendel Pomerantz shlit”a, reish mesivta of Oz Vehadar, who gave his entire heart to produce a magnificent work worthy of going onto kings’ tables. After all, as Chazal say, who are the real kings? Our talmidei chachamim!

This unique masterpiece, into which so much effort and work had been invested, is considered to be one of the crowning jewels of the Torah Empire of Oz Vehadar; an establishment dedicated to beautifying the Jewish sefarim shelf and to creating magnificent works for the benefit of all Torah-learners. The rich and varied content, presented through an innovative design and eye-opening graphics, allows every learner to fully enjoy and gain wisdom from each section of the sefer.

Now that Ben Yud-Gimmel l’Mitzvos has appeared, young bar-mitzvah boys can undergo complete, proper preparation for their big day through the varied sections discussing the day’s many aspects. They can learn about the day’s loftiness and value, the order of putting on tefillin with added resources and elucidation, special prayers and piyuttim for the bar-mitzvah day, and other gems serving to arouse their feelings of importance and warmth for their new roles in Jewish adulthood.

We are certain that Hashem’s brachah, which had accompanied the editors of this important sefer so closely, will continue and accompany all those who study it no matter where they may be. We have no doubt that in the pages of this sefer, all learners will find what they long for. May we merit continuing to beautify and bring honor the Torah.