“Chaim Kulchem Hayom” – To Life!

Excitement mounts with the release of the new sefer, “Chaim Kulchem Hayom,” based on the teachings of the Ohr Hachayim

Mere hours after the release of the new sefer “Chaim Kulchem Hayom” by the Torah Empire of Oz Vehadar, headed by Rabbi Yehoshua Leifer, av beis din of the Be’er Moshe community in Monsey, members of batei medrash and Torah study halls around the world could talk of nothing else. Exciting news of the new publication is still making waves, and even the distribution agents of the Torah Empire of Oz Vehadar are astounded by the immediate demand.

It seems that the new release, a treasury of content based on the holy teachings of Rabeinu hakadosh Rabi Chaim ben Atar – the Ohr Hachayim zy”a – garnered tremendous interest among those who have been seeking a greater connection with the light that he had brought to the world. The sefer’s varied sections now offer them complete daily units based on his teachings. Thus, even before the official announcement of its publication was released, news of this very unique, unprecedented new masterpiece quickly spread.

Deeply moved and awed by the incredible zchus to take part in the dissemination of the holy words of the Rav, the rabbanim of the Institute open a small window, offering us a glimpse into the wondrous wealth inside the sefer. The work is an astounding treasury of teachings by Rabi Chaim ben Atar, providing guidance and illumination into the life and conduct of every Jew, wherever he may be. This is a sefer suitable for every reader; from the uninitiated to the veteran talmid chacham, offering each Rabenu’s holy light to guide him in his servitude of Hashem.

The distinctiveness of “Chaim Kulchem Hayom” is in its varied and exceedingly calculated sections, with teachings and messages pertinent to one’s daily avodah and conduct, based on the words of the Ohr Hachayim zy”a. One will find a select excerpt of Rabeinu’s words that corresponds to the day’s topic; chiddushim and hanhagos regarding halachah and mitzvos; words of guidance and mussar, as well as a section titled “Shivchei Chayim,” with praises and accolades by the greatest tzaddikim of all generations regarding the holiness and greatness of the Ohr Hachayim. Stories of his life and conduct further offer us some of his light to live by.

The sefer, compiled with the encouragement of Rabi David Abihazzira shlit”a of Naharia, was toiled over by a team of veteran talmidei chachamim, fervent followers of the Ohr Hachayim’s teachings, as part of the work of the Ohr Layesharim Institute that is headed by the gaon Rabi Shlomo Abihazzira shlit”a. The group worked round the clock to produce this holy work for the benefit of the tzibur.

The new sefer joins other editions of the Elucidated Ohr Hachayim by Oz Vehadar, with its eye-opening commentary by the gaon Rav Menachem Mendel Pomerantz shlit”a, reish mesivta of Oz Vehadar, joyfully welcomed by Jewish communities worldwide. As the sefer’s name attests, “Chaim Kulchem Hayom” – it provides “life” for every person, every day. It is one of those works that makes us wonder how we managed without it until now. The thousands of people who have been studying the teachings of the Ohr Hachayim can testify to the tremendous excitement and joy with which the sefer was received. They, along with countless others who were now exposed the Rav’s teachings for the first time, wholeheartedly agree that the sefer adds new depth and dveikus to all those who delve into it, opening gates to a life of Torah and yiras Shamayim for every person, every day.

In the last few days, as the date of the Hilulah of this tzaddik grew nearer, the Torah Empire of Oz Vehadar has launched a special sale with substantial discounts on all the holy sefarim of the Rav so that all those who wish to partake of his Torah can now afford to do so. Indeed, thousands of enthusiastic learners have already taken advantage of the discounted prices and hurriedly purchased the various Ohr Hachayim books, included the elucidated edition and the special new release, “Chayim Kulchem Hayom,” the product of the efforts of so many of Oz Vehadar’s team members.

The distribution centers, experienced in special sales such as this one, request those interested in utilizing this opportunity to make an early purchase of this new sefer that has taken even Oz Vehadar’s greatest fans by surprise - “Chayim Kulchem Hayom” – as it seems that the first edition is about to be completely sold out. Hurry and bring the light into your own home!