Revolutionary Innovation by Oz Vehadar Popular Mikra Meforash series now in pocket-sized booklets packed inside an elegant case

The Mikra Meforash series is a bestseller that has created a veritable revolution in learners’ understanding of the literal meaning of the verses of the Torah by elucidating each word of Rashi and offering an explanation of the haftarah as well * The series is finally being offered to the public in an “Uvelechtecha Baderech” edition – pocket-sized, soft-cover * Now, every Jew can carry the Mikra Meforash treasure with him wherever he goes.

The Torah world is excitedly hearing about the publication of the coveted series, “Mikra Meforash,” with a complete elucidation of all five Chumshei Torah, in softcover single-parshah booklets; a special “Uvelechtecha Baderech” series easily tucked into a pocket, lightweight and simple to carry around. The set is encased in beautiful, elegant box, as befitting this magnificent work of Torah.

Mikra Meforash, a unique work by the Torah Empire of Oz Vehadar, which was established and is managed by the gaon hatzaddik Rav Yehoshua Leifer shlit”a, av beis din of the Be’er Moshe community in Monsey, opens a unique window to understanding the holy words of the Torah in what is no less than a dazzling work of art. Learners are treated to the entire mikra with a clear and easy to understand elucidation that is integrated into the words of the pessukim, along with comments and observations by Rishonim and commentators of the mikra.

The Mikra Meforash is a colossal work praised by all who have seen and experienced it. It was accomplished through much effort and planning, on the one hand allowing the learner to grasp all the wealth of the Torah required for him to understand the pshat, yet at the same time remaining short and concise, to make things simpler and easier. To that end, the editors of the Torah Empire of Oz Vehadar assembled, and, under the leadership of the gaon Rav Menachem Mendel Pomerantz shlit”a, reish mesivta of Oz Vehadar, they edited and polished the commentary over and over again until it reached its present shining glory.

The Mikra Meforash series is a crucial tool assisting any person studying the mikra, from those who are merely learning the weekly parshah, to teachers and educators, to veteran Torah scholars who use this special, clear elucidation to reach even greater depths in understanding the meaning of the pshat.

Following an outpour of inquiries that have reached Oz Vehadar’s offices, the management has decided to publish a special format of the Mikra Meforash that will be easy and comfortable to carry around: magnificent pocket-sized booklets. The purpose of this new edition is to allow learners to enjoy the abundant spiritual treasure that is inside the Mikra Meforash, while at the same time enabling them to take the booklets along with them wherever they go.

In trademark Oz Vehadar style, here too the booklets are a masterpiece of typesetting and graphic design, ensuring that the text remains pleasing to the eye and easy to read, without being too large. Indeed, the final outcome has met all expectations.

The entire set comes in an especially magnificent casing, so that it beautifies the Jewish sefarim-shrank with its presence. Inside the case, there are fifty beautiful, softcover booklets, each containing a parshah, with “connected parshiyos” placed into one booklet - truly, a stunning presentation for a beautiful work of art.