Revolutionary Zemiros Now in Select Sefarim Stores

Imagine if you were told that there was something that would urge your children to happily join the Shabbos table. To what ends would you go to attain it?

What if you were told that this same ‘something’ will also prompt them to join you in enthusiastically singing the traditional Shabbos zemiros? How much effort will you be willing to expend to acquire it?

Educators and rebbis – if there were to be one formula known to increase the way your students internalize the messages you work so hard to transmit to them about Shabbos and its sanctity, its beauty and its loftiness; would you spare any cost to achieve it?

If you would only know that it is within your reach to connect your students to a worldwide revolution currently taking place in Jewish homes all over…

These very moments, as you are reading these lines, you have taken the first step in joining the thousands who have already heard and hurried to acquire the new Zemiros recently published by Oz Vehadar, taking the sefarim stores by storm, and with them – hundreds of Shabbos tables.  Now you know: the Zemiros are within your reach!

No doubt, the magnificent new Zemiros by Oz Vehadar are creating a veritable revolution in what had been the standard perspective and approach until now.  New in both beautiful design and a unique formatting that brings dazzling clarity to each piyut, the first letter of each line is boldly highlighted and each song is presented in its correct lyrical form. An enlightening elucidation with a concise explanation of Aramaic or rare words is printed at the margins, providing further clarity and understanding of the difficult texts.

Acrostics are especially emphasized, connecting the various stanzas into one complete tapestry reminiscent of the lyric’s author. Furthermore, the beauty of each song’s unique beat and composition is clearly displayed through the Zemiros’ beautiful design. This serves as a powerful catalyst for an in-depth grasp of the profound meaning of each song and introspection into its author’s original intent. 

One of the innovations presented in the new Oz Vehadar Zemiros is the concise yet brilliant elucidation in the margins, bringing clarity and joy into the recitation of the previously-ambiguous zemiros.  It is one of those breakthroughs that makes you wonder; How did we not think of this before? The powerfully illuminating elucidation is a result of tremendous effort and research by the members and rabbis of the famed Torah Institute, Oz Vehadar, who tirelessly strived for nothing less than utter perfection. The results speak for themselves.

Today, if one wishes to understand what some of our greatest forebears had composed through ruach hakodesh, it is no longer necessary to pore over large and heavy volumes. The compact new Oz Vehadar Zemiros offers all the clarity and elucidation in a comfortably-sized font and clear and easy-to-read print. Typesetters labored to find the proper balance of a booklet that is lightweight and small, even as the rabbis of the Institute toiled to fill the pages of the sefer with rich content. Inside the pages of the new Zemiros, one can find explanations for every Aramaic and rare word; a treasury of halachos, psaks, and customs; a detailed table of contents for added ease of use; fascinating introductions and a general background for each piyut; as well as an additional wealth of ancient, lesser-known piyuttim and zemiros.

“For too many years,” relates a father of a number of children, “my children used various excuses to evade saying the piyuttim that contain a lot of Aramaic words. But ever since I purchased the new Oz Vehadar Zemiros, all that suddenly changed. It is no longer an incomprehensible chant to them – it’s pure oneg Shabbos!

Others describe how the holy Zohar’s words, until now sadly recited by rote, have suddenly taken on new meaning and became their own. With the holy words now clearly explained, the elucidation close in proximity to the actual text, it is a zchus they insist will be a terrible mistake to pass up.

Even the final section of the Zemiros has garnered increasing interest. In this section, the finest in current Jewish niggunim has been compiled: pessukim and maamarei Chazal which have been widely accepted and are sung during times of joy and simchos.

We urge you not to delay in bringing this tremendous gift into your home. Educators, rebbis and all who strive to pass on our mesorah to the following generation: This is not merely yet another beautiful sefer from the home of Oz Vehadar. The world of niggun and singing of the Shabbos zemiros is a most powerful force in connecting the neshamos of all of Klal Yisrael to their Father in Heaven. And there is nothing that can do this as well as the new Oz Vehadar zemiros.